How to Make a BLogspot Blog - Simple Steps

Make a Blogspot Blog or a Blogger Blog or blogger is one of the most popular free website or blog hosting.
Many folks use blogspot because it is user friendly, easy to customize, SEO friendly and easy to rank since it is owned by google. In oder to make a blogspot blog you will need a couple of simple steps.

Go to and login using your google account, If you don't have a google account you can register a new account for free. Click Here and Signup for google.
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After you login, Click New blog, Enter the blog title, your blog address, select a free blogger template and then click Create blog!.

Before posting, customize the layout of your blog by clicking the Layout Tab. And edit it for the best choice you want for your blog.

If you want to change your template and use the one that you download  just click the Template tab and click backup/restore, click choose file and find the blogger template that you download then upload. This way to make blogspot blog more SEO friendly.

You can also explore the settings tab and change the settings of your blog then after that you can start posting now , make sure you post some good content to gain an organic traffic from search engines and you can monetize your blog when it gets a decent amount of traffic. 

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