Learn Blog Marketing and Home Businesses

Blog marketing is one area that every blog owners do. They market their blog to enable them to get readers, making a benefit from their blogs. Marketing their blog means to have it on the market in order that others that would like to try it might still find it and browse it. It is usually a powerful way to sell things by using affiliate links and programs. Blog marketing can perfectly become an online business if that is something which you are looking at.

Having a home-based business by blog marketing will entail you have more than one blog. If this is something you are thinking about, ySou will need to do a list of markets your blogs can cover. You will notice that your blogs can do best whenever you have only one market per blog. As an example, when you have a blog about cats, you will not need to include anything for the blog about kitchen appliances. This is because the future prospect that read your site and call at your blog to learn more about cats and what there are here about the subject won't be interested in learning anything about appliances. After you have overcome the relevancy issue, you’ll be ok. You can however, have a website on pets, and after that blog about each of the many pets you want to incorporate.

To make a full time income by blog marketing, you must know every facet of it. You need to know what needs to be implemented to get readers in your blog, creating about the things that you happen to be promoting and how to obtain it in search engine results. This can result in successful blog marketing and making a home business income with it.
One big facet of blog marketing is SEO. SEO is search engine marketing and it includes optimizing your blog post so the engines like google will discover it and rank it all the way to possible. This leads to increased traffic and leads out of your blog. If you do not have enough time to understand SEO, and put it on all of your blogs, hiring someone to achieve this for you could be something want to think about. In particular when time is a dilemma.

Outsourcing the majority of your tasks are something that you will need to become accustomed to if you're planning on making a considerable amount of cash with your own blogs. You might want to hire bloggers or writers that will write the content to your blogs, and another person that will leave comments on other blogs with a link returning to yours. Spread out all of the duties on the spread sheet and judge how many times each thing needs to be done for each blog. This will assist you to be a little more organized and know what you need to do when, as well as prioritize. Using a worksheet could also help you to definitely keep track of that's doing what, and prevent you from asking several people to have one job finished.

Blog marketing for an internet business just isn't much different from the other home-based business. You're going to get free from it everything you put in it. Should you only put in a couple of hours per week into the blogs, you are unable to expect to make cash using them. However, being consistent and working on your blogs every chance that you receive can pay off ultimately. You will also discover there's no better perspective of world than owning your own property business, and having your own business.

Just remember to start small, and give your very best. That is certainly everything you should become successful at blog marketing to make the wages that you're dreaming of. Your entire effort will probably pay off in case you are persistent and keep writing.http://bloggerseowidgets.blogspot.com/2014/08/search-engine-optimization-training.html

How to Make a BLogspot Blog - Simple Steps

Make a Blogspot Blog or a Blogger Blog

Blogspot.com or blogger is one of the most popular free website or blog hosting.
Many folks use blogspot because it is user friendly, easy to customize, SEO friendly and easy to rank since it is owned by google. In oder to make a blogspot blog you will need a couple of simple steps.

Go to blogger.com and login using your google account, If you don't have a google account you can register a new account for free. Click Here and Signup for google.
View this post For Best Free Blogger Templates.

After you login, Click New blog, Enter the blog title, your blog address, select a free blogger template and then click Create blog!.

Before posting, customize the layout of your blog by clicking the Layout Tab. And edit it for the best choice you want for your blog.

If you want to change your template and use the one that you download  just click the Template tab and click backup/restore, click choose file and find the blogger template that you download then upload. This way to make blogspot blog more SEO friendly.

You can also explore the settings tab and change the settings of your blog then after that you can start posting now , make sure you post some good content to gain an organic traffic from search engines and you can monetize your blog when it gets a decent amount of traffic. 

Visit this post to learn more on how to monetize yourblog : Make Money Online

How to Find Blogger RSS FEED URL

Blogger RSS or FEED URL's

After configuring the settings of the site feed, your blog post is able to be syndicated to everyone! Simply enter one of the following URLs into your favorite feed reader, where your blog's content will be delivered and updated automatically.

Note: Be sure to substitute from the correct blog address for blogname and the label you're considering for labelname. Site feeds don't work with private blogs.

So Here is the URL's of all Blogger RSS feeds.

Full site feed:

Note:These full-site feeds are really the-time enabled developers can sign up to low-latency updates with the PubSubHubbub protocol.

Atom 1.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

RSS 2.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Comments-only feed:

Atom 1.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

RSS 2.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss

Label-specific site feed:

Atom 1.: http://www.googleblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/privacy

RSS 2.: http://www.googleblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss/-/privacy

Individual post comment feed:

Note: You will find the postId of your individual post in the Posting | Edit Posts tab. Simply mouseover the 'Edit' link next to a certain post, and that postId will likely be displayed in your browser's status bar.

Atom 1.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/postId/comments/default

RSS 2.: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/postId/comments/default?alt=rss

Source : https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/97933?hl=en

Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

Top 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. Many Internet marketers have a great success in affiliate marketing if done properly. There and bunch of Affiliate Marketing Companies out there, but I'll list the most popular and most trusted affiliate marketing companies.

1. Clickbank

ClickBank may be supporting the prosperity of digital entrepreneurs within the last 15 years with intensive marketing strategies and savvy web based business ideas. We're exactly about helping digital entrepreneurs reach financial success. Were here that will help you increase your success, whether you do have a great product to trade or want to earn more being an affiliate.

No doubt that clickbank is one of the most known affilate marketing company. There are hundreds of product from clickbank that you can promote, from e-books, softwares, different courses and etc.
Many affiliate marketers find clickbank one of the best in the business. up to 75% commision per sale.

2. JVzoo

It really is liberal to become a joint venture partner at JVZoo. You'll have instant access to each of our affiliate tools and training. Simply submit the shape on the bottom towards the bottom with this page and you may start earning instantly paid commissions today.

Similar to Clickbank, JVzoo is one of the most known affiliate networks.

3. AmazonAssociates

Amazon is the biggest online shopping site in the web, so why not become an amazon affiliate ?
Among all Affiliate Marketing Companies, Amazon is also the best to start your online career because you can choose many products to promote here. Though amazon has a low commission rate than clickbank and JVzoo.

4.Commission Junction

Whether it's monetizing online traffic, driving more sales or finding more customers, CJ understand the  clients' goals. Discover why affiliate marketing online is critical in today's marketplace and hear top advertisers and publishers discuss the outcomes they've seen running their pay-for-performance programs for the CJ Network.

5. EbayPartnerNetwork

I bet you all heard about Ebay right? well E-bay let you promote their products too. Ebay is one of underrated affiliate marketing company. But many people ebay a great potential in comes with affilate income. Since Ebay is well known too, you can sell products easily if doing it right.

The top 5 best Affiliate marketing list. These list is just base on my own experience and  

TOP 10 Best Wordpress Share Plugin Social Media

As of now Social media is so important to make your content to be share to different social networks. Social sharing can make your content viral and drive more traffic. Driving traffic from social media networks is a good alternative from google search traffic.

So I listed TOP 10 Best Wordpress Share Plugins. Lets get Social

1. Wordpress Social Share Buttons Plugin

JQuery Social Share floating panel for wordpress is a good wordpress share plugin. It can support 9 social networks such as Twitter, Facebook Like, Google +1,LinkedIn, DiggPinterest, Stumbleupon, Xing with hovercard statistics, and Buffer.

2. Social Share: WordPress social share button plugin

A Clean looking wordpress share plugin the fast way to let your visitors share your content. Quickly share your content to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr or via Email, helping you expand your social reach.

3. Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin

This is one of my favorite, worth your money because it almost do all the work in all wordpress share plugin.
I can't explain much of this plugin but you can see it for your self. 

4. Ultimate Social Deux

One of the best sellers. This wordpress share plugin has a share counter since some loves a share counter to know how many shares had made.

 5. jQuery Super Social Share for Wordpress

A fan way to share a content through social media is by this awesome and cool wordpress share plgun. It has multiple color scheme that you can choose to fit on your website or blog.
just see the demo to know what I'm talking about.

6. WordPress Social Stream

A Simple Wordpress Share Plugin, Supports multiple social media networks. One of the best. 
See the live demo.

7. WP Easy Social Hover

A hover social wordpress share plugin, when someone point their cursor on an image the social share button will hover to the center. see youtube demo. Click here

 8. Share Locker

One way to make your content viral is through this plugin. Visitor must share the content first before they can view the content that you lock. see live demo.

9. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

Awesome feature. Place the slider on left or right sidebar. This plugin is worth your money.
See live Demo

10. Advanced Social Widget MailChimp Edition

Opt - int ready wordpress share plugin, Easy to customize, Just see the live demo to experience the full features of this plugin. Highly recommended.

If you want a free wordpress share plugin. I will recommend this for you 

AA's Digg Digg Alternative

Click here to download for free.

TOP 10 Best Free Blogger Templates List 2014

My own List of Best Free Blogger Templates 

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging platform like tumblr, and wordpress.
Many people use blogger because it's easy to use, easy to customize and to rank (SEO) since it is own by google. 
Blogger also Supports templates so Iv'e listed some good and Best Free Blogger Templates that I personally like.

Note: I don't make all the templates I only found all of this on this website http://gooyaabitemplates.com/  and list all my favorite Free blogger Templates.

1. Simple Grid V2 Responsive Blogger Template

The Best For Sharing Photos, SEO Ready and Adsense Ready.
A Responsive Template with 1 sidebar, top and main nav menu.

2. Minama Colored Responsive Blogger Template

One of my favorite and The Best Free Blogger Template, SEO Ready, 1 side bar, 2 navigation menu top and main menu, ads ready.

3. G Vusion V2 Responsive Free Blogger Template

This Template is similar to Minima Template but the color scheme is more lighter, Same Features and also SEO Ready.

4. Ultra Mag Responsive Blogger Template

Amazing Responsive Blogger Template, Pre Customized widgets, Good for A magazine Blog. SEO Ready and easy to customize.

5. Revoli Fullbox Responsive Blogger Template

Awesome Responsive Theme, Best for fashin and magazine websites. Slider and ads ready Blogger Template, easy to customize.

6. Squared Portfolio Responsive Blogger Template

If you are looking for a portfolio blogger template this is one good template for you. Side Menu on the left.

7. Gridpin Responsive Blogger Template

A Blogger Template similar to Pinterest. Best for Hair & Beauty Blogs. If your planning a Makeup or Beauty product website, this template will fit to your needs.

 8. 9JAJ Blogger Template

A 9gag Inspired Blogger Template. 1 sidebar and login support blogger template.

9. Porto Responsive Blogger Template

A Responsive Blogger template with 1 sidebar and 4 column footer. Features " POPUP" Social bookmark ready.

10. WeCommerce Responsive Blogger Template

Fully Responsive eCommerce Blogger Template. Best for selling amazon products or your personal products.