TOP 10 Best Wordpress Share Plugin Social Media

As of now Social media is so important to make your content to be share to different social networks. Social sharing can make your content viral and drive more traffic. Driving traffic from social media networks is a good alternative from google search traffic.

So I listed TOP 10 Best Wordpress Share Plugins. Lets get Social

1. Wordpress Social Share Buttons Plugin

JQuery Social Share floating panel for wordpress is a good wordpress share plugin. It can support 9 social networks such as Twitter, Facebook Like, Google +1,LinkedIn, DiggPinterest, Stumbleupon, Xing with hovercard statistics, and Buffer.

2. Social Share: WordPress social share button plugin

A Clean looking wordpress share plugin the fast way to let your visitors share your content. Quickly share your content to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr or via Email, helping you expand your social reach.

3. Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin

This is one of my favorite, worth your money because it almost do all the work in all wordpress share plugin.
I can't explain much of this plugin but you can see it for your self. 

4. Ultimate Social Deux

One of the best sellers. This wordpress share plugin has a share counter since some loves a share counter to know how many shares had made.

 5. jQuery Super Social Share for Wordpress

A fan way to share a content through social media is by this awesome and cool wordpress share plgun. It has multiple color scheme that you can choose to fit on your website or blog.
just see the demo to know what I'm talking about.

6. WordPress Social Stream

A Simple Wordpress Share Plugin, Supports multiple social media networks. One of the best. 
See the live demo.

7. WP Easy Social Hover

A hover social wordpress share plugin, when someone point their cursor on an image the social share button will hover to the center. see youtube demo. Click here

 8. Share Locker

One way to make your content viral is through this plugin. Visitor must share the content first before they can view the content that you lock. see live demo.

9. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

Awesome feature. Place the slider on left or right sidebar. This plugin is worth your money.
See live Demo

10. Advanced Social Widget MailChimp Edition

Opt - int ready wordpress share plugin, Easy to customize, Just see the live demo to experience the full features of this plugin. Highly recommended.

If you want a free wordpress share plugin. I will recommend this for you 

AA's Digg Digg Alternative

Click here to download for free.


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